Shalha Long, Full, Half, Waist Slips

Slips are often underrated, but they are very useful for everyday use. Imagine wearing a beautiful dress in summer but as the day passes by your dress seems to cling to your body making you feel uncomfortable. It may also make your body parts more visible which is not your intention. Slips can rescue you from sweat and also make you comfortable wearing transparent dresses. If you are shopping for them Shalha gives you some options.

Many people tend to buy the white slip as this is the most popular. This however may appear from underneath your dress and will look awkward if the colour of your dress isn’t white.  So, it’s best to choose a colour which matches your clothes or a neutral colour like nude or natural skin. That way even if they can be seen while walking or sitting, it won’t look bad. People will think that it’s your natural skin. Also, the nude will go with most other dress colours.

You can choose to buy Shalha full or half slips depending on what you are wearing. The waist slips have an elastic band at the top. Some people find the tie option inconvenient so you can choose the elastic band option. If you have a dress that is see-through beyond the waist only then you should wear this type.

A good slip will not roll up or move to make you look and feel uncomfortable. It should stay in place all the time no matter whether you are walking or sitting so the correct size is always important.  Some come with the option of lace at the bottom we have both options.

They can be extremely helpful. Layering up can help you not to reveal your physical features too much, keep your dress in place and prevent sweat from getting into your dress. Sometimes, your expensive dress may be ruined because of sweat. So, slips can help you to protect your favourite clothes and make you feel good and comfortable in any weather condition.